Northern Lights Impact : Empowering Sustainable Development

Northern Lights Impact is dedicated to people living in areas where long-term sustainability and impact are essential.   Our primary focus is on our friends in Africa, the Sub-Saharan region, world islands, and small world territories. Social and economic development is deeply rooted in education and the development of stable power and communication infrastructures.


Our projects are decentralized energy infrastructures focused on the most impoverished areas, providing both light and communication in a geographically leveraged way. Northern Lights Impact introduces a renewable model through mini-grids for lighting, communication, business, and education use. By securing telecom and other explosive sectors in areas with significant energy needs as anchor tenants and contractually guaranteed customers, we work to make smaller-scale energy projects profitable and bring electricity to rural parts of our focus in the developing world.


With an $80 million portfolio in potential power projects, 65% of which represent Sub-Saharan Africa, Northern Lights Impact seeks to expand its model to electrify 1,000 projects in the next 3 years through the Northern Lights Impact Rural Development Initiative. The initiative will initially target projects raised through telecom operators’ urgent needs for stronger grid and further rural penetration. Here, fewer than 10 percent of rural households are connected to the national grid. Our $80M portfolio of projects derived from local tenders,  is driven by B2B clients’ demand for sustainable impact with high efficiency and profitability.


The difference between the Northern Lights Impact Portfolio and many other promoted opportunities focused on rural development through infrastructures is:

a) Geographically diversified portfolio ready to withstand risk

b) Engagement in development via partnerships with local infrastructure owners in need of support from a partner to finance and implement a quick-to-market vision

c) Established relations and track record since 2001

d) A strategic venue that offers a stable platform for ongoing deployments, rural expansion, and payoffs on projects