Sustainability. Solar. Green.

PSTO Holdings Pledges 800 Solar Sites

with minimum 1kW Load 3-5 Days Autonomy June 2021 -June 2022 ==>>>> Our Corporate Commitment is to reduce 4200 Tons of CO2

during 2021-2022.

PSTO Holding‘s Purpose

is to Partner with Clients who are dedicated and grounded in their commitment to Clean-up our Planet. We Roll-out Solutions to Diminish CO2 levels.

In the process — we are raising Awareness, Socio-Economic standards in Africa and emerging areas and we offer a professional growth environment for our employees and consultants.

We focus on Telcos, Power and Corporates.

We valuate ourselves in Green Impact, thus the Importance of getting the message across to our clients in its purest form.

We are an organic company, we grow from Inside-Out.