We believe in projects that allow us to be superior in the following aspects:

  • Ability to maximize the Return on Impact
  • Ability to maximize Return on Investment
  • Fast re-payments of 5 to 12 months
  • Quality blend of hardware, software, deployment, partners.
  • Time frame driven, we like projects that are moving fast due to special ingredients which we recognize with years long know-how.

We follow a process before we agree on a project


  • what issue is the project improving
  • why is this an actual issue
  • what does this project solve
  • in estimated numbers how much benefit-impact we render per capita
  • project should be Geographically and Sustainability Leverageable and Scalable
  • what are the potential financial rewards

Projects should fit our mandate’s scope, location and size.  We evaluate based on the following criteria:

      • Qualification: Who is the initiator of this need, background and track,  should have the ability to endorse the solidity of the plan. We have the know-how, skill and experience to distinguish the realistic opportunities.
      • Scope:  Project needs to cross-check specific areas and present an evident socio-economic advantage


Northern Lights Impact formula benefits all stakeholders. People of these territories. Infrastructure Owners of these areas who have rural, Yet weak networks. Our western Investors to whom we offer to partner-up in short-metered opportunities to counter risk-aversion, a fast in-and-out venue and peace of mind to increase confidence for future investments. Local Governments of these areas who check-off short-term deployed projects to raise their country’s status. Banking Institutions in need for safer debt finance projects. Western Corporations in need for better infrastructures as reassurance to expand their headway in the emerging world.