Our projects are focused on small to medium sized de-centralized energy infrastructures to allow for Light and Communication, Business and Education in geo-politically leveraged ways. Our 4 GWh to 400 GWh sized projects make it profitable for our B2B partners to part-take and take quick decisions and thus speed-up decision-making, deployment and payments.  We secure contracts with telecom and similar sectors which are known to us for 16+ years.  These have immediate needs from their contractually guaranteed customers with significant energy needs.

…. And the IoT tweak?  Monitoring of assets is needed more than anywhere to preserve optimized ownership.   On the Iot side, we Digitize and Upgrade on and off-grid fixed Power Assets belonging to our B2B Clients.  By doing this we catalyse the transformation of their enterprises into profitability driven by the latest technology in Renewables, efficient power and I-IOT.


Our Northern Lights Impact Development Initiative is an $80 million pipeline portfolio in renewable and Iot projects of which 70% representative of the Sub-Saharan Africa.  We seek to expand our model to electrify and optimize 150 projects in the next 3 years.  By continuing to target B2B power projects raised through existing operators’ needs for stronger grid we provide communication to rural areas and at the same time service local business growth.