Plans & Focus



Northern Lights Impact differs from many other players due to our geographical impact, size of focus and strong working collaboration with local B2B.   We take the smaller project approach for immediate benefits to all Stakeholders. ROI and Pay-back are within 6 to 12 months, but social impact is immediate.

Inna Bolund #innbolund

Our focus is on small to medium sized de-centralized energy infrastructures of 4 GWh-400 GWh.  These smaller sized projects speed-up decision making, deployment, payments and impact.  We secure contracts with telecom and similar sectors who have immediate needs and measurable revenues.  To this, we add Digitization and a Low-investment Management Systems to monitor and preserve these fixed power assets. Light Communication, Business and Education are Impacted in immediate ways.

Art Buys Power. How? See how in Indonesia, island of Lombok #Art4energy #island of #Lombok, #Indonesia, where it can be difficult getting electricity from one island to the next. Mobile power plants help keep the #electricity – and economic development – flowing #ge-_electric


We support projects which usually challenge the status quo of an investor and we put our own skin into the game.  We do so to show support, build and improve these areas via well defined, fast moving projects.  We step-in to take charge and we step-away from the wishfull thinking vision that things would get better by osmosis.  We do not follow trends of servicing only prime, credit-worthy areas, nor do we go after the large solar farms.


Geographic Focus.  Sub-Saharan Africa, Islands and Smaller Territories.  We believe our added- value is by building in organic places.

  • Project focus. We prefer to be part of a project that directly creates infrastructures of direct impact to improve communication, education, health, business creation, sustainability.  Proof of concept, revenue and impact are rehearsed from our past projects.
  • Size focus.  $150,000  –  $3 million
  • Sector focus. We focus on projects that are relevant for socio-economic impact, with the following motifs:
    • Monitoring systems – for efficiency, tracking, asset auditing and further development
    • Off-Grid Wi-Fi Hotspots for schools – to directly allow educational access to global hubs
    • Rural Solar Banking to allow banks to expand and create a business mindset
    • Solar Wireless Repeater Sites within Networks – to expand signal in needed areas
    • Telecom Autonomous Solar Cell Sites – for offering telecommunication in far –reaching places
    • Solar lights for highways – to allow safety and commercial development
    • Point-to-Point Backhaul and VSAT Sites – to bring telecommunication access to rural areas
    • Solar Telecom sites in rural areas are heavy on fuel usage and use old technology – to allow less dependency
    • Solar for Radio Transmission & Antenna Tower – to allow for telecommunication expansion via renewables