Empathy, by Iulia Sirbu #IuliaSirbuArt



Aligned in Values.  Partnerships that allow maximizing our foot-print.  We unite with the best local players.

Ideal Platform.  Holding Hands with Local infrastructure owners and builders is Key.  We Aim to Cooperate in raising international finance.   

Reliable Paybacks.  We implement a common quick – to – market Vision.  A partner on the ground is Key to getting paid.

Conviction.  The World must be Kinder, Safer, Healthier,  Better Educated, More Accepting.

Iulia Sirbu #IuliaSirbuArt


Long Standing.  Since 2001.

Global Network.  94 countries, 12000 SI firms, 800 B2Bs.  We share an unwavering resolve to Upgrade and Positively Affect.

Main Mission: Historically we have been supporting B2B telcos and industrial verticals in their network expansion.  This gives us an unequaled know-how of geographically horizontal proportions.

Organic Development.  Telecom spares  &  systems allowed for part-taking to mini-energy projects for infrastructures.

Strategic Leverage.  A solar VSAT station in Mali offers rural communication.  As a next step, we leverage it into Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Congo.

Minimum Risk.  Geographic and Project type Leverage allows for a minimum risk exposure to our investors.

Cultural. Savvy. Flexibility.  We practice project management rigorously.  and deploy for an outcome of most impact.  We remain flexible and globally savvy and accept commercial cultural diversity.  This drives efficiency and speed to market. 

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