Luis Vargas Santa Cruz, artist visual.
Acapulco, Guerrero, 1981.

Degree in graphic design. As expressionist painter, has carried out more than 40 solo and group art exhibitions in Mexico, Spain and Australia.

He has worked in photography, literature, video, digital editing by computer, performance, installation, drawing and painting.
stand out among his personal projects multidisciplinary sample “time and a few dancers”, the photographic series “Body glow”, the exhibition of photography, painting, drawing, illustration and design “Nocherniego” and the multidisciplinary exhibition “November 5th”. In 2009 he exhibited his first pictorial project “Origin” and takes the big step with the provocative pictorial series of the guerrerense dirty war “Aicus Arreug”.
later exhibits “Stories of wine and pigments” and presents the series of manipulated photograph “The pleasure in the performing arts” in 2012.
is currently working on his new painting project the time that it is general director of the floating art magazine Mag and co-coordinator of the international system of residencies.