Our investment focus is on innovative and sustainable power solutions in the telecom industry, particularly in emerging markets. We seek projects that excel in the following aspects:

  • Maximizing Return on Impact (ROIc):

    We prioritize projects that have a significant positive environmental, social, and economic impact on local communities and ecosystems.

  • Maximizing Return on Investment (ROI):

    We value projects with high financial performance potential, ensuring a balance between impact and profitability.

  • Rapid Payback Period:

    We target projects with a payback period of 5 to 12 months, reducing financial risks and accelerating returns.

  • Holistic Solutions:

    We favor projects that offer a comprehensive blend of hardware, software, deployment strategies, and strong partnerships to deliver efficient and effective results.

  • Time-Sensitive Opportunities:

    We are drawn to projects that are driven by unique circumstances and are time-sensitive, as our years of experience enable us to identify and capitalize on such opportunities.

Before committing to a project, we follow a thorough evaluation process to gain a comprehensive understanding:

  • Problem Identification:

    We assess the issue the project aims to address and the reasons why it’s a relevant and pressing concern.

  • Solution Assessment:

    We evaluate the project’s proposed solution and its potential effectiveness in addressing the identified issue.

  • Impact Estimation:

    We estimate the project’s per capita benefits, considering the environmental, social, and economic dimensions.

  • Scalability & Leverageability:

    We ensure that the project is geographically adaptable, sustainable, and can be scaled up for a broader impact.

  • Financial Rewards Analysis:

    We scrutinize the project’s potential financial rewards and assess their alignment with our investment objectives.

To align with our mission of promoting sustainable power in the telecom industry, especially in emerging markets, we assess projects based on the following criteria:


  • Qualification:

    We examine the project initiator’s background, track record, and ability to endorse the plan’s viability. Our expertise enables us to identify realistic opportunities with high potential.

  • Scope:

    The project must address specific areas and demonstrate a clear socio-economic advantage for the targeted communities and markets.


Our Northern Lights Impact formula creates value for a diverse range of stakeholders:


Local Communities:

People in the project territories benefit from improved access to sustainable power and telecommunications infrastructure, leading to enhanced quality of life and economic opportunities.

Infrastructure Owners:

Owners of rural networks in the targeted areas can strengthen and expand their infrastructure through collaboration with our projects.



We offer Western investors the opportunity to partner in short-term projects, providing risk mitigation, fast entry and exit, and increased confidence for future investments.

Local Governments:

Authorities in the project areas can support short-term deployed projects to elevate their country’s status, showcasing commitment to sustainable development and technological advancement.

Banking Institutions:

We provide safer debt financing opportunities for banks, contributing to a more sustainable and secure investment portfolio.

Western Corporations:

By improving infrastructure in emerging markets, we facilitate the expansion of Western companies into these regions, fostering global economic growth and development.


Northern Lights Impact sets itself apart through our unique approach, focusing on small-scale projects with immediate benefits for all stakeholders. Our investments typically yield ROI and payback within 6 to 12 months, with social impact being realized immediately.


We concentrate on small to medium-sized decentralized energy infrastructures, ranging from 4 GWh to 400 GWh. These smaller projects expedite decision-making, deployment, payments, and impact. We secure contracts with telecom and related sectors that have immediate needs and measurable revenues. Additionally, we incorporate digitization and low-investment management systems to monitor and preserve fixed power assets, directly impacting light communication, business, and education.

By investing in challenging projects that defy conventional investor expectations, we demonstrate our commitment to building and improving these areas through well-defined, fast-moving initiatives. We avoid chasing trends by only servicing prime, credit-worthy areas, or pursuing large solar farms.

By avoiding these trends, Northern Lights Impact demonstrates its commitment to creating value in underserved areas, rather than just targeting the most lucrative or mainstream investment opportunities.

We support projects which usually challenge the status quo of an investor and we put our own skin into the game.  We do so to show support, build and improve these areas via well defined, fast moving projects.  We step-in to take charge and we step-away from the wishfull thinking vision that things would get better by osmosis.  We do not follow trends of servicing only prime, credit-worthy areas, nor do we go after the large solar farms.



  1. Geographic Focus: Our expertise lies in Sub-Saharan Africa, islands, and smaller territories, where we can create significant organic growth.
  2. Project Focus: We prioritize projects with direct infrastructure impact, enhancing communication, education, health, business creation, and sustainability. Our involvement is backed by proven concepts, revenue, and impact from past projects.
  3. Size Focus: We target projects with budgets ranging from $150,000 to $3 million.
  4. Sector Focus: Our investments are driven by socio-economic impact, with emphasis on the following areas:
  • Monitoring systems for efficiency, tracking, asset auditing, and further development
  • Off-Grid Wi-Fi Hotspots for schools to provide global educational access
  • Rural Solar Banking for business mindset expansion
  • Solar Wireless Repeater Sites within networks to extend signal coverage
  • Telecom Autonomous Solar Cell Sites for remote communication access
  • Solar lights for highways to promote safety and commercial development
  • Point-to-Point Backhaul and VSAT Sites for rural telecommunication access
  • Solar-powered telecom sites to reduce dependency on fuel and outdated technology
  • Solar for Radio Transmission & Antenna Tower to enable telecommunication expansion via renewables