I’m a King



Inna Bolund is a fabulous artist who displays her paintings on Instagram and Facebook. She also takes amazing photographs of her life. Here is what she told us when we asked about her life and journey in getting to where she is now-

“I’m Inna Bolund – artist from Belarus.

I’m drawing/painting since childhood. When I was about 5-7 my grandfather showed me some basic technics of drawing – and I still use them. He was uneducated, so I dont know how he could know how to paint.

At the beginning – Disney was my passion. I should say, at that time (USSR) it was hardly possible to see American/European movies/cartoons on our channels. But some of my friends had cartoon-magazines. If they allowed to watch them, I tried to memorize the detailes of the Disney characters and then drew them at home. Later I started to draw book and movie characters.

Many times I’ve tried to get rid of my painting hobby – cause it always seems useless. But when I want to stop – some new people appear in my life and make me start again.

I started to use oil about 7 years ago. My first artworks were just copies of some modern artists, Robert Duncan, Jack Vettriano.

About 5 years ago I tried to paint my own oil pictures. I dont know if they’re good or bad, I’m just studing /searching for some perfect idea.

My mother never wanted me to become an artist. So in 2008 – I graduated from Polotsk State University as a philologist. I’ve changed more than 10 different professions in my life (teacher, guide, seller, even cleaner!, secretary, etc…) – but still haven’t found myself. Now more than 6 months I’m jobless…or maybe art isn’t a hobby anymore… maybe now art is my profession… I don’t know..

I have a constant collaboration with galleries in London, Denmark, USA. I’m not popular in my country, cause I don’t have any art education – so it’s impossible for me to take part in local Belarusian exhibitions.

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