Plans & Focus

Our contribution to the Increase in World GDP  


Oriol Morego Barcelona #ubaippsphotographics

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Investment & Portfolio

“The world is a global village” – said Marshall McLuhan in 1960

“Something done anywhere affects everywhere else.  So growth in economic activity in one place sucks in money, intellectual property, talent, products and services from other places. The challenge to us is to figure out how to allow everyone else to rise to our average level of GDP. Let Africa be the engine that drags the rest of the world out of recession while pulling a billion people out of poverty.”
Eddie O’Connor


Partners & Track

Forging local partnerships with those who Align with our Values is Key.


Oriol Morego Barcelona #ubaippsphotographics

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Art and Imagery is our contribution to raise World Consciousness, Social-Economy, Empathy.   We Promote Artists, Sell their art and Invest the Revenues as Currency to Fund the highly needed Power and Telecom projects of the emerging areas. These, due to their geographical location and relatively smaller size represent a risk to the corporate finance community.  Yet, we took them onto our Agenda.


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