Deep Breathe


Héloïse Delègue’s is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses on exploring painting and constructed textiles.

Through her visual language, she incorporates symbols, objects, fabrics and paint to question human inter relationships and hierarchies within genders.

Using the view of an anthropologist, she uses memories, which she combines with myths and factual truths to comment on current societal, cultural and political narratives. By observing networks of people around her in displacement and transitions she looks at new forms of relationships in a context where belief systems and values seem to be disrupted, conflicted, and challenged by new forms of digital communications. How do all these parameters can modify our affect and transpose in the communal and private sphere?

She conveys a sense of secrecy and intimacy with a light-hearted sense of humour. By juggling between concealing, revealing, and creating odd juxtapositions of materials the artist addresses an awkward invitation to question sexuality and the current notion of femininity and masculinity.

  Living Room Oddities