Junkyard Symphony IX

Size: 19.7 H x 23.6 W x 0.8 in

In the “Junkyard Symphony” series I maintain analyzing the identical space from the outer edge of the metropolis in which I stay, space which I discover due to the fact that 2012 via numerous strategies: pictures, digital manipulation or portray. between 2013 and 2014 I studied in this region the animal trough, as an detail this is discovered in almost all the works from the “Vertical Absorption” series. As i stopped the series, steady with the changes which have undergone to this area, after the expansion of the metropolis and the inhabitation region which now could be extra handy to human beings, there started out to seem all styles of plastic waste, synthetic residues, from shiny and colourful packaging, to plastic tubes, unaesthetic strength poles and wires, all types of objects that stuck my eye, everything what turned into thrown away or not integrated within the view. although I start from a actual, present region this is very near me, I transform it through my work in step with certain events, to everything that I collect throughout the times. consequently the name of “junkyard”, a form of recycle bin of the reminiscence, of the unconscious, on occasion these factors are indescribable, to which I do no longer locate that means or the foundation. A kind of private archeology as a chaotic panorama, populated with all sorts of rejected items that we not need, abstract representations, every now and then with figurative origins, constantly at the brink. An obvious beauty of the whole thing that is residue, appealing packaging, but lacking content material. A desolate area, invaded through the whole lot we don`t need anymore, which we can’t dispose of without difficulty. beginning with the two works with the identify “party Is Over” in 2015, which constitute the debris left with the aid of people on the seaside once they had an awesome time, I went in advance with the identical subject in the “periphery of memory” collection, as a result symbolically transmitting to a intellectual dimension and regularly attaining the collection “Junkyard Symphony” , an ode to chaos and reconstruction, to recomposition, lowering the whole thing to a recycled playground so ordinary for a 2d-hand global of our time, from which we can not recant.


What you may see here is a perpetual search inside the way I pick to suppose differently and to create myself as a visual seeker. Simplicity is valuable to me. ideas come from anywhere, however they develop quality in solitude. i really like to reconstruct the arena, to isolate matters from their context, parts and factors from my compositions, decreasing the whole lot to what’s vital, in order that the subject will appearance as though it have been there for a long term, very herbal, simply looking forward to to be seen like that. recognition is vital, also the manner you watched and study the world. i like contradictions and that i suppose freedom is not some thing we are able to acquire;it’s far what we pick out to have from the begin in growing unconventional exceptional works.

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Junkyard Symphony XX

Size: 59.1 H x 51.2 W x 1.2 in

The Broken Gnome

Size: 47.2 H x 39.4 W x 1.2 in